Educational divisions

Contact information:

• Address: 45 Kirov ave, Pyatigorsk,

• Phone: 8 (8793) 39-98-41

• E-mail:

Head of the Center

• Svetlana E. Belovodova, Candidate of Psychological Sciences.    

General information about the Center

Centerof Additional Vocational Education and Further Training (C of AVE and FT) is a structural unit of the branch of NCFU in Pyatigorsk.

The Center was founded for professional training and retraining of the secondary vocational education for those who want to achieve a success in their professional activities, and feel the need of professional.

The Center conducts further training courses on topical issues of personnel management, accounting and auditing, clerical work in personnel service, foreign languages and other programs.

Educational activities of C of AVE and FT provide:

1. Upgrading qualifications of specialists;

1.1.1. Express workshops (from 6 to 20 hours);

1.1.2. Short-term qualifications upgrading (from 16 to 100 hours);

1.1.3. Full-term qualifications upgrading (from 100 to 500 hours).

2. Professional retraining of specialists on specialties which are in demand in the region. Additional education adapting to labour activity on the programs of professional retraining (over 500 hours).

3. Implementation of programs for working professions.

4. Programs of additional education (added to higher education). These long-term programs of additional vocational education are aimed at obtaining additional qualifications (1500 hours).

Driving school is functioning on the basis of the Center.

• Driver training courses of category «B», «C»