Educational divisions

Contact information:

Address: 35 B Matveev str

Phones: 8(8793) 39-61-88, 8 (8793) 33-11-34, 8 (8793) 33-82-05, 8 (962) 439-46-39  

Faculty head:

• Dean of the Faculty – Nadezhda V. Danchenko, Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor. 

Structural subdivisions:

1. Department of Accounting and Auditing

2. Department of State and Municipal Management

3. Department of World Economy and Customs

4. Department of Finance and Taxation

5. Department of Economics and Enterprise Management

General information about the faculty

Faculty of Economics and Management was established in 2012.

There are all conditions for training specialists at the faculty: highly qualified teaching staff, developed material and technical base, presentation equipment, advanced software, laboratories.

Training at the faculty of economics and management includes both theoretical knowledge and acquirement necessary practical skills. This allows future professionals to master all the subtleties of their chosen profession.

Heads and leading specialists of organizations, banks, enterprises of various branches of the economy are invited by the departments of the faculty as consultants and reviewers of graduation papers, as well as for reading lecturing on individual disciplines.

Scientific activities of the faculty

A scientific school: “Theoretical-methodological and organizational-economic aspects of the formation, evolution and transformation of socio-economic systems and institutions, national and regional economies” functions at the faculty.

The teaching staff of the faculty participates in the development of documents of high regional and local significance, including: the strategy for economic and social development of the Caucasian Mineral Waters eco-resort of the Russian Federation; the strategy of economic and social development of Pyatigorsk.

There is a student scientific association (SSA) at each department of the faculty. Their task is to activate the intellectual and scientific potential of the students.

Employment of the faculty graduates

The faculty has brought up a galaxy of professionals, who hold key leadership positions in various bodies of state power, in large businesses, offices of international companies, banks and consulting firms.