Educational divisions

Contact information:

Address: 56 A Ukrainskaya str, Pyatigorsk 357500

Phone: 8(8793) 98-46-76  

Faculty head:

• Dean of the Faculty – Elena A. Semenova, Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor. 

Structural subdivisions:

• Department of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication

• Department of Food Technology and Commodity Research

• Department of Tourism and Hotel Business 

• Department of Physical Education.

General information about the faculty

Faculty of Tourism, Service and Food Technology is the youngest but the fastest growing and promising faculty of the Institute. As we live in a resort area, higher education in the field of tourism, hospitality and food technology have become a necessity. Today the problem of resort areas is particularly acute. This issue is discussed at the highest governmental level.

The North Caucasus has long been recognized as a unique health resort of all-Russia significance and professionals serving health resort and restaurant complexes must meet this high level.

Faculty of Tourism, Service and Food Technologies offers a wide range of professional choice, depending on the personal preferences of the entrant: North Caucasus Federal Region (NCFR) domestic tourism, hotel and tourist services, food industry, foodstuffs   safety, sustainable use of natural resources. These directions of training were noted by the regional government as the most promising.

The fame of the faculty extends far beyond the Russian Federation which is evidenced by the presence of a large number of foreign students at the faculty.

The faculty has unique laboratory facilities, which give the possibility of additional, in-depth study and practical application of theoretical knowledge. This makes the process of training more effective. Students can gain the skills of the instructor in extreme tourism in the laboratory of tourism demonstration. Training of junior and middle technical staff is conducted in the educational bar-restaurant of the tourist complex and educational demonstration hotel room.  Laboratory complexes of commodity research and examination of goods, general technology, food chemistry and technochemical control allow to carry out the examination of any level of complexity, and in the laboratory centres of production technology of food products, pastry, confectionery and bakery products workshops on cooking of dishes of national cuisines of the world are conducted.

Students of the faculty have the opportunity to undergo traineeship at the Olympic venues, as well as in Radisson and Marriott hotels chains. International internship experience is actively carried out. Only in the last few months the faculty students visited the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Greece, Switzerland, where in addition to the theoretical course, they received the necessary practical skills, as well as registered certificates of the international sample. Undoubtedly, this experience will help them in their future professional activity.

The faculty employs highly professional university teachers under whose guidance students win prestigious international competitions. 

In addition to research activities the faculty students pay much attention to creativity and sport. The faculty annually celebrates the New Year, Pancake week, Days of national cuisine.  The faculty participates in all Institute and the city events.

The faculty guys manifest themselves in sport, thus confirming that a good student is good in everything.

Employment of the faculty graduates

One of the most important indicators characterizing the quality of the specialists’ training is the demand for the graduates in the labor market. The Institute cooperates with more than 60 organizations on the employability of the graduates.