Educational divisions

Contact information:

Address: Academic building № 7, 46 A Ermolov str

Phones: 8 (961) 469-41-99; 8 (961) 469-41-88


Faculty head:

• Dean of the Faculty – Eduard G. Yanukyan Eduard, Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Sciences, professor, Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation.

Structural subdivisions:

  1. Department of Information Security, Systems and Technologies
  2. Department of Construction
  3. Department of Transport Vehicles and Processes
  4. Department of Control in Technical and Biomedical Systems
  5. Department of Physics, Electrical Engineering and Electrical Power Engineering

General information about the faculty

The faculty of engineering was established in September 2012 as a part of the Institute of Service, Tourism and Design (branch) of North Caucasus Federal University branch in Pyatigorsk, and is located in the green area with a sports complex, a swimming pool and a gym of ​​more than 40 thousand sq. m. total area.

Currently, more than 1,5 thousand students are being trained at the engineering faculty in 27 specialties and directions of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.  Their training is conducted by experienced lecturers, candidates and doctors of sciences who regularly upgrade their qualifications. Highly qualified staff members of specialized enterprises are involved in the process of training.

Scientific activities of the faculty

The academic staff of the faculty of engineering departments takes part in the work of international, all-Russia and regional conferences. During the past academic year there were published more than 150 scientific papers, including 2 monographs, 62 scientific articles in the journals peer-reviewed by High certifying commission and 8 articles in Scopus journals.

Scientists of  the faculty of engineering thanks to the high level of theoretical and practical training participate and become prize-winners in international and  all-Russia student Olympiads and competitions: federal program «UMNIK», International Student Olympiad «IT-Planet», all-Russia student Olympiads in the direction «Construction», all-Russia review-competition of final qualifying works on specialty «Organization and traffic safety (automobile transport)», etc.

Employment of the faculty graduates

The indicator of the success of the faculty activity is the demand for trained professionals, bachelors and masters in the labor market. Monitoring has shown that the total number of employed graduates of the engineering faculty is more than 90%, most of them work at the leading enterprises and organizations of Stavropol region, the North Caucasus Federal District and the Russian Federation.

Additional information about the faculty

At present at the faculty 2 student construction teams “Mashuk” and “Energetic” numbering more than 30 persons of the students of the 2nd and 3rd courses have been formed to work in the summer season during the period of training and production practices.

The history of student construction teams in Pyatigorsk has its origins in 2008. During its existence more than 100 fighters of construction teams took part in various construction projects of our country.