Educational divisions

Plan of scientific events for 2015

Research works are actively conducted both by the academic staff and students in the Institute of Service, Tourism and Design (branch) of  NCFU in Pyatigorsk.

In the scientific structure of the Institute were established:

• Research laboratory of  monitoring and information technologies in the field of service and    tourism;

• Research laboratory of system analysis;

• North Caucasus research laboratory of technical, environmental, forensic examination and real estate appraisal;

• Educational-scientific-industrial laboratory of service of transport;

• Problem research laboratory of studying the processes of ionosphere;

• Research laboratory of management problems in the sphere of recreation and tourism;

• Research laboratory of studying the problems of criminal policy;

• Research laboratory of studying social, political and legal practices in modern Russia;

• Scientific- teaching-practical laboratory of forensic examinations;

• Student research laboratory «Reliability and harmonicity of buildings and constructions».

There are two scientific schools at the Institute of Service, Tourism and Design:

1. Methods of analysis and synthesis of systems with distributed parameters.

Supervisor – Ivan M. Pershin, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor.

The received scientific results have found practical use in Scientific Research Institute «Mashinostroyenie»/«Mechanical engineering» (Saratov), GOI (Saint-Petersburg), OAO «Narzan» (Kislovodsk). For the past five years one doctor and seven candidates of technical sciences have been prepared, five patents have been received, eight monographs on this scientific direction have been published. The number of  main publications for the last three years is 81.

Report on the scientific school activity

2. Theoretical-methodological and organizational-economic aspects of the formation, evolution and transformation of social and economic systems and institutions, national and regional economies.

Supervisor – Natalia N. Novoselova, Doctor of Economic Sciences, associate professor.

The research of the scientific school is directed on elaborating scientifically-based methodical and methodological proposals for harmonization of processes of formation, functioning and development of various social and economic systems and institutions, national and regional economies.

Report on the scientific school activity

Three scientific directions were opened in 2015:

1. «Humanitarian picture of the world in the system of modern knowledge»

Supervisor – Natalia G. Bondarenko, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, professor.

2. «Ensuring of ecological sustainability, safety, security and economies of construction in resort regions»

Supervisor – Pavel A. Sidyakin, Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor.

3. «Constitutional and legal framework of ensuring and protecting the rights and freedom of the man and citizen in the Russian Federation»

Supervisor – Olga V. Diachenko, Candidate of Juridical Sciences, associate professor

One of the most important problems of the Caucasian Mineral Waters region is the problem of preserving the quality and rational use of mineral waters.

A system of control of hydrosphere – lithosphere processes by methods of system analysis    is being developed under supervision of professor Ivan M. Pershin at the basis of the Institute of Service, Tourism and Design (branch) of NCFU in Pyatigorsk.

The department of planning and organization of R & D is functioning for the purpose of organizing and carrying out research work at the Institute. A working group of export control headed by professor Arushan A. Vartumyan is working for the purpose of considering the possibility of publishing the materials in an open press. Active work is being conducted on submission of applications for participation in competitions and grants.

In 2015 on the basis of the Institute of Service, Tourism and Design (branch) of NCFU in Pyatigorsk were held:

• All-Russia correspondence scientific-practical conference of bachelors, masters, postgraduates, faculty members and young scientists «Trends and imperatives of managing business processes and branch markets for ensuring sustainable development of the region», on January 27, 2015.

• Student scientific-practical conference «Window to Science», on 20 February 2015.      

• All-Russia scientific-practical conference «Youth in modern economic science», on February 25-26, 2015.  

• Scientific-practical conference «Topical problems of design in the North Caucasus», on February 27, 2015.

• «Week of Science» in the framework of the 3rd annual scientific-practical conference of the University teachers, students and young scientists of NCFU “The University science – to the region”, on April 15-24, 2015.

• International scientific-practical conference «Economic security: concepts, standards», on May 12-14, 2015.

• International scientific-practical conference «Strategy of development of the industry of service, tourism and design, new challenges and the practice of innovations», on May 15-16, 2015.

• International scientific-practical conference «Anti-corruption policy in modern Russia: the new priorities», on May 20-23, 2015.

A scientific journal «Modern science and innovation» was opened at the Institute of Service, Tourism and Design (branch) of NCFU in Pyatigorsk (List of High certifying commission of 29.12.2015, serial number 1687, branches of science: 05.00.00 – Technical Sciences; 14.00.00 – Medical Sciences; 23.00.00 – Political Science; ISSN: 2307 – 910Х, cert. of registration: PI № FS77 – 51370 dated 10.10.2012). Work on inclusion of the journal into the list of Russian peer-reviewed scientific journals is being conducted.  

Undergraduate students, postgraduate students and young scientists of the Institute annually participate and become prize-winners in the competition «UMNIK»,  forum «Mashuk»,  International Student Olympiad «IT-Planet» and in other youth events.