Educational divisions

NCFU branch in Pyatigorsk shows positive dynamics in the field of international cooperation with foreign universities, international associations and leading universities of Russia. The University is actively developing academic mobility, both within the European projects and in the implementation of development programs.

At present a Memorandum of Cooperation between the North Caucasus Federal University and the Dublin Institute of Technology (School of Hotel Management and Tourism) (Ireland) is being discussed and worked out. Both sides have in principle agreed on mutual cooperation (exchange of students and university teachers, scientific and technical cooperation, holding joint conferences). In September 2013 four members of the branch underwent internship at the Dublin Institute of Technology and held talks on the prospects for further cooperation.

The branch is actively cooperating with Gaziantep University (Turkey) in the sphere of training of specialists in food industry.

The agreement on cooperation between NCFU and corporation «Truly Golden» (United Arab Emirates, Dubai) has been signed. In October 2013 fifteen students and two lecturers of the branch underwent internship according to program “International Business Administration” and received certificates in  corporation «Truly Golden».

In November 2013, during the internship of the representatives of NCFU branch in Pyatigorsk at the University of Piraeus (Greece), a cooperation agreement was signed; an agreement on cooperation between NCFU and City Unity College (Greece) was unilaterally signed; a framework agreement on cooperation with company Ost-West-Partner Gmbh (Germany) was signed; a cooperation agreement with St. Petersburg State University was signed.

Currently the branch academic staffs are being tested for the purpose of determining their level of knowledge of a foreign language. A list of the staff that are being tested for bilingual training has been submitted to the head university for approval.

There is a data bank, which sets out more than 70 European public universities. With some of them basic agreements on mutual activity have been reached.

For the purpose of improving the quality of education, expanding the field of knowledge of future professionals and establishing necessary contacts with potential employers on the basis of NCFU branch in Pyatigorsk there are held meetings, “round tables”, open seminars and workshops with the participation of specialists in various fields and areas from France, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Norway, Slovakia, Czechia, Bulgaria and several other countries.

One of such events took place after the signing of a cooperation agreement between JSC “Resorts of the North Caucasus” and North Caucasus Federal University. On the basis of NCFU branch in Pyatigorsk, in order to develop staffing resort cluster of the NCFD there was held a meeting of Jean-Pierre Sonu, a member of the Board of Directors of JSC “Resorts of the North Caucasus”, the one who stood at the origins of the formation and development of ski resorts in France and throughout Europe, with students and teachers of the branch.

Such meetings are necessary and are an integral part of the educational process in a higher education establishment of federal value which has been entrusted with the mission of training highly qualified specialists, capable of satisfying the requirements of the most demanding employers.