Educational divisions

• Tatyana A. Shebzukhova – director of the branch

• Arushan A. Vartumyan – deputy director for research

• Galina V. Gunchenko – deputy director for international cooperation 

• Marina V. Martynenko – deputy director for academic affairs

• Yulia V. Nagornaya – deputy director for educational work

• Yury I. Pavlenko – deputy director for administrative and economic work

• Alexander V. Sankin – deputy director for innovative activity

Structure of the Institute

1. Board of directors:

  1. Director
  2. Deputy director for academic affairs
  3. Deputy director for educational work – head of department for educational work
  4. Deputy director for research
  5. Deputy director for innovative activity
  6. Deputy director for administrative and economic work
  7. Deputy director for international cooperation
  8. Deputy director for additional education
  9. Dean of the facultyof engineering
  10. Dean of the faculty of tourism, service and food technology
  11. Dean of the faculty of design
  12. Dean of the faculty of economics and management
  13. Dean of the faculty of Law

 2. Administrative-economic subdivisions:

  1. Department of organization of educational-methodical work
  2. Dispatching department
  3. Department of pre-university training
  4. Department of clerical work
  5. Personnel department
  6. Legal Department
  7. Department of public relations
  8. Department of accounting and planning
  9. Department for protection of state secrets
  10. Department of mobilization preparation
  11. Department of  labour protection
  12. Department of civil defense and emergency situations
  13. Department of integrated security
  14. Department of planning and organization of  R & D
  15. Department of strategic and innovative development
  16. Library and information center
  17. Center for information technology and software
  18. Sectoral inter-regional center for development of professional qualifications in the sphere of service and tourism
  19. Department for educational work
  20. Hostel
  21. Operational and economic service
  22. Department of transport support
  23. Sports complex
  24. Catering service
  25. Department of operative polygraphy

3. Training subdivisions:

Faculty of Engineering

1) Department of Information Security, Systems and Technologies

2) Department of Construction

3) Department of Transport Vehicles and Processes

4) Department of control in technical and biomedical systems

Department of physics, electrical engineering and electrical power engineering

Faculty of Design

1) Department of Design

Faculty of Tourism, Service and Food Technology

1) Department of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication

2) Department of Food Technology and Commodity Research

3) Department of Tourism and Hotel Business

4) Department of Physical Education

Faculty of  Economics and Management

1) Department of Accounting and Audit

2) Department of State and Municipal Management

3) Department of World Economy and Customs

4) Department of Finance and Taxation

5) Department of Economics and Enterprise Management

Faculty of Law

1) Department of Civil Law and Process

2) Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

3) Department of Theory and History of State and Law

4) Department of Criminal Law and Process

College of the Institute of Service, Tourism and Design (branch of NCFU) in Pyatigorsk

Center of Additional Vocational Education and Further Training