Educational divisions

On August 22, 2012 became the official merger of two universities in Pyatigorsk: the branch of NCSTU (North Caucasus State Technical University) and PSHTU (Pyatigorsk State Humanitarian and Technological University). Thus, the Institute of Service, Tourism and Design (branch) of NCFU (North Caucasus Federal University) in Pyatigorsk was founded. It was headed by Tatyana A. Shebzukhova, Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor, Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation.

Currently, the educational complex of the Institute of Service, Tourism and Design (branch) of NCFU in Pyatigorsk includes 5 faculties:  

– Faculty of Economics and Management;

  Faculty of Design;

– Faculty of Law;

– Faculty of Tourism, Service and Food Technology;

– Faculty of Engineering.

and one institution of secondary vocational education:

 College of the Institute of Service, Tourism and Design (branch) of NCFU, as well as Center of Additional Vocational Education and Further Training.

Thus, the Institute successfully operates a system of continuing education: the idea of their future profession and in-demand secondary vocational education a student receives in the College, quality higher education in the areas of Bachelor Degree, specialties and Master Degree programmes – in the University, and an opportunity to complete advanced training courses and professional retraining – in the Center of additional education. It is also possible to receive an academic degree in postgraduate study and doctoral studies of NCFU.

The Institute has at its disposal 10 academic buildings, which makes the training process not only effective but also comfortable.

The Institute has at its disposal 56 laboratory and scientific complexes equipped with modern, often unique equipment. The developed material base of the Institute allows not only to provide students with in-demand practice-oriented education, but also to organize master classes of the leading foreign and Russian experts, as well as to carry out scientific research. Most lecture halls are equipped with advanced multimedia and presentation equipment.

The developed material base of the Institute also includes a computerized library information center, a hostel, a catering complex with students’ café-canteens, a modern sports complex with a swimming-pool, fitness and sports halls for team sports, and also its own printing house with modern printing equipment.

At the same time, active development of telecommunication infrastructure, the creation of a modern technical base allows the branch in Pyatigorsk and the university in Stavropol to be in a uniform corporate network. Both the students of the branch, as well as the students who are trained at the head university have equal access to uniform educational space and absolutely identical conditions for acquiring knowledge and mastering educational programs.

To date, the branch enrolls more than 7,500 students, making it the largest structural subdivision of North Caucasus Federal University.

Highly skilled scientific and teaching staff possessing high mental potential has been formed in the branch. The academic staff of the branch consists of more than 369 people, including 33 doctors of sciences, professors and 213 candidates of sciences, associate professors.

The Institute of Service, Tourism and Design provides its students with a number of unique opportunities: the students of the branch become members of a huge team of North Caucasus Federal University, which is the leading innovative educational center of the North Caucasus Federal District, with wide connections, both in Russia and abroad: pupils have an opportunity to combine the learning process and creative activities; the students of the branch live in a resort area, with beautiful nature and world-famous attractions.

Of no small importance is that NCFU branch is located in Pyatigorsk – a city that became the capital of the North Caucasus Federal District in 2010. The geographical and geopolitical position of Pyatigorsk and its resort-climatic conditions increase the status of the branch.

NCFU branch in Pyatigorsk is focused on the training of highly qualified specialists to work in the field of tourism. This is one of the key directions in the Strategy of Development of the North Caucasus Federal District until 2025. In the coming years it is planned to create more than 100 thousand jobs that should be occupied by experts of world level. NCFU provides just such professionals for the labor market. One should not forget that for the development of the region it is important to attract investors, for which purpose it is necessary to create a favorable investment climate and further develop the district infrastructure investment, which is impossible without highly qualified lawyers and economists. The specialists of engineering and technical directions are also in demand in the region and are called upon to provide the developing tourist and recreational cluster with necessary material and technical basis, provide for technical and service support of the resort. That is exactly why the branch of NCFU in Pyatigorsk is conducting training in all the above-mentioned directions.

Scientific and educational potential of the branch of NCFU in Pyatigorsk is     presented by:

  • research laboratories (control systems, nanotechnology, electronics and microprocessor technology, problems of functional and therapeutic nutrition of the population in the North Caucasian Federal District, environmental safety);
  • scientific and practical centres (innovative technologies, forecasting in construction industry, appraisal and evaluation of real estate, collective use of scientific equipment and software, research and coordination center “New biology of the XXI century”).

Students of NCFU branch in Pyatigorsk are participants and prize winners of:

  • All-Russia contest «Student leader»;
  • All-Russia youth innovation forum «Seliger»;
  • Student teams «Construction team» and «Pedagogic team»;
  • Volunteer movement;
  • North Caucasus youth forum «Mashuk»;
  • Programmes «START» and «U.M.N.I.K.».

The Institute of Service, Tourism and Design of NCFU combines the best qualities of a modern multiprofile higher education institution. Graduates of the branch receive the state diploma of a uniform sample, the same as in the head higher education institution. It, undoubtedly, is for young specialists the admission in big life and gives a chance to make an outstanding career not only in Russia, but also abroad.